Frequently Asked Questions

 Q 1: Is anyone can enroll for this course.

Answer: Yes anyone can enroll for the course.After successfull registration you have to go to dashboard->Invoice and pay for the invoice to get the full access to the course.You can also go to manage course to learn more course.Checked on the course you want to learn and click on enroll button.Invoice will be generated

 Q3: Can we give examination which I have already given.

Answer: No you cannot give examination which you have already given.

 Q4: You have to pay for the registration.

Answer:There is no charges for the registration.It is free.

Q5. Is course have durations.

Answer :Some course can have duration but some does not duration.It will be notify by our notification system

Q6. Do we have access to  our learning materials as soon as we enroll for the course.

Answer: Yes,you have access to our learning materials as soon as you enroll for the course but not all the material.To get the full access you have to pay the invoice generated after your successsfull registration. our material is added and updated at regular interval of time.So you have to sign in regulary to study our course materials

Q7: Is your course require minimum qualification

Answer:Some course doesn't require minimum qualification but some course  require minimum qualifications.