Web Development And Designing

  • Programme Code
  • Course Duration
    3 Months
  • Medium

This course is about designing and developing HTML pages in Javascript,Jquery,HTML5,Bootstrap.In this Web Designing tutorial, we'll cover core technologies, like HTML, CSS and JavaScript used to build a website.

Language Full Form/details Uses
Hypertext Markup Language To Create Web Page Structure
Cascading Style Sheet To style a webpage.
Internet Basics
Internet Basic Some Internet basic terms
Client Side Scripting To validate form data, handle events, Add dynamic content, and to add functionality.
Javascript Library Interactive Webpage with less coding, ajax interaction, DOM Manipulation etc.
Latest Version of HTML To create semantic webpage with new tags, media objects, geolocation, web storage and web accessibility.
Latest Version Cascading Style Sheet language. To style a webpage with new properties, new selectors and to build Responsive Website
Popular Front-end Framework Bootstrap or Twitter Bootstrap is HTML5 Based and Responsive framework used to build responsive websites quickly.
UI Testing
To test User Interface. To test user interface on Touch and Touch devices, Cross Browser issues, w3c validation and Device testing.

 Learning will be both online and offlne mode with live projects.Online examination to compete with fellow student.


Student should be 10+2 or have equivalent qualification.

Student should be 10+2 or have equivalent qualification.Student should be fluent in speaking english and should have some basic knowledge of computer and internet.

There are many web design agencies that specialise in creating and maintaining websites for other organisations. If a company doesn't use these services, they usually have their own web designer or in-house team.

You may prefer to choose your own graphic design company and work as freelancer.