How We Work

responsive screens

You Can Study online using our course material and can give exam online to assess how much you grab from our material.

We are providing test series for competitive examination like RRB,PO with similar interface as it is in real examination.

Each student can give each test series once a time

User can purchase extra test series on extra payments.

Some examination will be schedule time based means it will start only at a particular time.Information of such examination will be given by our notification system.

Student after login to our system can see all the courses that a person can enroll for by going to dashboard->Manage Course.A person can choose the courses which he wants to enroll for.And when he click on enroll now button a invoice will be generated for him.When he pay for the invoice a course is assign to them and changes from demo to full version.

Each Course will be divided into different sections.After reading particular section you have to give different examination set by the admin for each section.

Each course section can have doc file,pdf file,image file,video file,you tube url and flash animation to teach students.

users from his panel can track all his activity like when he update his profile,when he change password etc

Student can get notification similar to what we get in facebook.

Student can see the result of the examination he or she give

There is message board to discuss problem faced by the student.

Enrollment and Signup procedure

You can signup by submitting the form from below links Activation links will be send to your email address.

After successful signup you can login using your username and password from below links

After login you have to go to this link Here you will see list of courses. checked the checkbox which you wants to enroll for and then click on the button with label "Enroll For This Course" You will be redirected to this page Here you will see the invoice of courses which you wants enroll.If you are enrolling for two courses there will be two invoices one each for each course. Click on the paynow links on the right side of the invoice. Second page will open which will show your information and amount which you have to pay with a button to pay. When you click on pay button you will be redirected to payment gateway.If the payment is successfull course is automatically assign to you and you will be redirected to successfull page.Confirm mail will go to your register email address.Other wise it will be redirected to failure page.